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Within Sanoma, we have external en internal ventures. They both are starting up products or services in unknown markets to Sanoma. The difference between the two is that external ventures are registered startup companies which receive investment after proving product/market fit, while the internal ventures are homebred and searching for the next big thing.
Bringing together the two different divisions together in B. Amsterdam on October 15th, was long due. If Sanoma wants to have an unfair advantage in creating new business, knowledge needs to be shared and iterating must go faster than in ‘regular’ startups.

It’s all about the steepness of the learning curve. By connecting the Sanoma startups, founders had the opportunity to share their successes and failures. They made sure that others could copy their successes or avoid the mistakes they made.

During LabVenture, speakers from the Sanoma Lab en Sanoma Ventures talked about their business. The newly appointed CEO Digital, Arthur Hoffman shared some of his greatest successes and learnings from his career.

During the breakout sessions, the ventures helped each other with their current challenges. They all had 2 minutes to pitch their challenge and let the other founders consult them with their expertise.
In the end, it is all about knowing sharing learnings and the ecosystem of talented people that Sanoma is building. That’s the unfair advantage Sanoma has when it comes to building start-ups.






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